Randal Dover Architect

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Firm Profile

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Randall Dover, Architect was started in 1988. Since founding his company, Randall Dover has been involved in all aspects of architectural and interior design including master planning, tenant improvements, the development of design standards, signage and graphics. The firm has provided design services for medical facilities, office buildings, financial institutions, retail centers and restaurants across the country and currently maintains architectural registrations in over 30 states.

Nashville is a leading center of the healthcare industry, impacting not only the local economy, but shaping the healthcare landscape on both the national and international levels. As a result, RDA has had the opportunity to do numerous projects across the country for healthcare clients, particularly dialysis providers. An initial design standards development project for Renal Care Group in 2000 has led to RDA providing architectural services for more than 140 dialysis facilities. This dialysis facility work experience has provided RDA with a level of expertise unlikely to be rivaled by another firm of its size anywhere in the country.

The firm size is a perfect complement to the size and scope of dialysis facility projects. At RDA, there is a single team of design professionals who work together on each project, taking insight gained from each project and applying it to the next. With each new project, the design team makes subtle changes to continually improve services, with the hope of improving the patient care experience for those with kidney disease. One of the most gratifying things about the practice of architecture is that our services can make a positive difference in communities and in the lives of the users of our projects. This aspect of architecture is especially true for our work involving the design of dialysis facilities. We know that our work is helping people with kidney disease have a better quality of life, and we are proud to have a role in patient care and consider ourselves part of the provider team.