Randal Dover Architect

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Firm Profile Intro

The principals of Randall Dover, Architect and our proposed design team consultants are pleased to present our qualifications for architectural and engineering services relevant to your future projects. We believe RDA can offer several advantages over other architectural firms:

  • The principals of the design team have maintained a professional relationship for a number of years and have extensive architectural and engineering experience in dialysis facility projects, including the development of design standards for other national providers of dialysis care.

  • The firms’ principals and key personnel will manage your projects and participate directly in the majority of work provided rather than assigning management of the projects to less qualified junior draftspersons or unqualified staff members. The size and scope of a typical dialysis clinic design project is a perfect fit for the size of our firms.

  • The firms have sufficient office staff and support to provide the services proposed. Our familiarity with the requirements for A & E services on dialysis clinic projects allows us to provide a very competitive fee structure.

  • The cost of living in Nashville is lower than many areas of the country. As a result, a cost advantage factors into RDA’s and our consultants’ ability to offer lower fees for clients in many instances.

  • While we may do work for more than one dialysis provider at any given time, confidentiality is always strictly maintained for all of the projects for which we provide services.

  • Award-winning design experience.

  • A significant part of our business comes from repeat clients.